Secure Passwords

FACT:  Passwords are easily hacked because most humans follow similar patterns.

Cybercriminals love when people use the same password across multiple sites and services because it’s fewer passwords they need to crack. Aside from using good multifactor authentication, one of the easiest things you can do to keep your systems secure is to use a unique, complex password everywhere. That’s why Pegasus developed a new tool critical for every business’s cyber security arsenal called Keeper.

Keeper comes with these features:

  • Securely keep all your team’s passwords
  • Cloud-based (no server or backup required)
  • Comes with a mobile app (no computer required to get a password)
  • Enforced password strength and uniqueness
  • Audited employee password use
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)-protected
  • Active Directory integration available

We also offer Pegasus Enterprise Password Keeper to synchronize your account with Active Directory, which helps streamline account creation and access

Improve Your Team’s Security With Truly Unique, Complex Passwords,

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