Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus solutions for all your devices and data

As your business grows, so will your business network — and more devices will need to be added. Also, the complexity of network applications is increasing. Pegasus Technologies understands that managing the ever-changing world of technology can be overwhelming, and yet the security of your network is more important than ever. Our security software adds another layer of protection to help prevent malicious activity from threatening your critical data.

Our Antivirus Managed Services offer superior control & protection.

Today’s managed IT business services require a comprehensive yet flexible approach. With Pegasus Managed Antivirus services, you can rest assured that your network will be secured from the latest and most sophisticated viruses:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Around-the-clock emergency services
  • Multi-level expertise
  • Customizable features
8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Managed Services Provider

Looking for a Managed IT Services Provider that
Understands your Business?

Download the 8 questions you should ask your MSP candidates.

How Managed Antivirus is Not the Same as Antivirus

Easy to deploy

Immediate cleaning upon detection

Proactive protection

Accessible & continuous reporting

Multi-layer protection

Reduced security threats

Real-time notifications

Reduced cost per station

Safeguard your IT systems against the latest threats

Proactive Protection

Real-time monitoring provides continuous data security from Trojans, worms, spyware, and viruses.

Complete Assurance

All your devices — servers, PCs, laptops, etc. — are monitored by our expert technicians, 24/7.

Innovative Technology

We use industry-leading anti-malware and antivirus applications that are up-to-date and cost-effective; we stop the cyber threats dead in their tracks before they get to your valuable data.

Let’s Talk about Why You Need Managed Antivirus

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