Cyber Security Training for Employees

Count on us: your information security professionals

No business is ever completely safe from cybercrime. Hackers find more sophisticated ways to break into systems, steal data, and disguise their threats to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses. How does a growing business keep up with so many security challenges? You turn to your cyber security experts at Pegasus Technologies! Our cyber security training is not only thorough and up-to-date, but it also puts the control back into the hands of your organization — because firewalls alone are no longer enough. We train your employees to think of their proactive security efforts as the “human firewall.”


The benefits of cyber security awareness training are clear:

  •         Reduce malware infections
  •         Reduce data loss
  •         Reduce Help-Desk tickets
  •         Reduce re-imaging of machines
  •         Increase user productivity
  •         Increase ROI in time, reputation, & dollars
  •         Increase security awareness across all users
  •         Increase industry-lead compliance
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Take control of your data with our expert risk management services

When you partner with Pegasus Technologies for your security solutions, you can feel confident that our security specialists are current with industry regulations and mandates. In addition, we customize cyber security solutions that will support your industry and align with your unique business objectives. Our dedication to employing top-of-the-line experts and utilizing the most innovative technologies have made us one of the best security companies in the industry. And we believe our training courses solidify our commitment to exceptional customer service:

  •         Train employees on-site
  •         Provide cyber risk assessments
  •         Create fake phishing/test sites
  •         24/7 Help Desk services

What other systems security services do we offer?

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

By assessing your network’s strengths and weakness, we will create a risk management program that supports your business goals.

Ongoing Training

We offer customizable plans with our cyber security training courses, and we offer this across all departments in your organization.

Risk Identification

We will locate points of opportunity for security breaches and determine the level of risk for everyone associated with your network.

Let’s Talk about Making your Employees Human Firewalls

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  • We will ask you about your business objectives and IT challenges
  • You’ll receive our best recommendations to train employees on cyber security