Cloud Security Information and Event Management

Pegasus Technologies can help protect against attacks

When your network is attacked, you won’t have time to get new software or hardware to remedy the issue. With our SIEM Cloud service, your cloud data and on-premise network will continuously be monitored to ensure attacks are caught when they happen, before they can do extreme damage to your system and data.

What is Cloud SIEM?

  • Security information and event management offers effective and efficient ways to monitor your network 24×7.
  • All devices, servers, applications, and infrastructure will undergo thorough analysis that will help calculate events and data.
  • Information is audited to find patterns and analyzed for attacks, all automatically.
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Benefits of Cloud Based SIEM

By using Pegasus Technologies as your cloud SIEM provider, your organization will be increasing its security posture and reducing deployment and maintenance costs associated with traditional SIEM systems.

Consistent monitoring

Day or night, your system will have continuous monitoring against attacks to ensure you are never caught off guard

Compliance assistance

Compliance gaps are analyzed to ensure your company is within the parameters of governmental and national compliance standards for your industry.

Integrated support

Depending on Pegasus will give you the peace of mind your business needs to successfully navigate SIEM cloud software.

Enterprise information

Data from your network is compiled and put into a report you can use to benefit your business; phishing emails, malware, and data exfiltration.

Simplified Deployment

Because cloud-based SIEM is not dependent on servers and storage in your facility, the total cost of deployment is significantly less than running an on-premise SIEM, and can typically finish faster. Save your storage, memory, and CPU cycles for your business applications.

Detection Against Threats

In addition to the full analysis across cloud data, your network, identity, and endpoint, your system will be protected against any threats that could be detrimental to your business:

  • Outside attacks
  • Insider attacks
  • National or governmental attacks
  • Botnet
  • Malware

The protection of your business has never been more important than it is right now. The growing frequency of IT threats makes businesses especially vulnerable. Pegasus Technologies will develop a Cloud based SIEM that will work for your business to keep you protected 24×7.

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