Managed Security Solutions Provider

Protect Your Network From Dangerous Activity

Before Security Threats Become a Problem

Security threats are becoming more common and more dangerous. Antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to protect your business from ransomware, phishing schemes, cryptolocker, or other dangerous hacks.

Pegasus Web Security helps protect your business from attacks before they happen. Our software adds another layer of protection to help prevent malicious activity onto your network and keep you more safe from cybercriminals.

The Pegasus Team works together to implement preventative security measures that keep your business technology safe.

Holistic Managed Security Solutions

Like everything we do, we approach IT security as a partnership. We start by understanding your business objectives, then take a proactive approach to address the multiple compliance and security needs facing your business.

Managed Security Services Protection Planning Saves Your Business Money

Pegasus delivers more complete security protection with a systematic approach.

This systematic approach saves you money because it proactively protects against major threats before they become an issue.

Category Based Filtering

Block or permit over 60 content categories over millions of domains. Permissions can be set by group, user, or computer, giving you more control over who can browse what content on their work computers.

Protection When Travelling

Secure your network whether a person has taken their machine home, to the beach, or on an airplane. Even if a person’s device is infected while traveling, we can prevent it from spreading malware to computers inside the network once the person returns.

Maximum Uptime

Ensure reliability and accessibility from anywhere with a consistent Internet connection. The server will always choose the fastest route to the nearest servers. Servers are positioned around the globe.

Block Known Threats

Predictive intelligence watches domain and IP traffic for malicious patterns by humans and large computers with machine learning capability. This results in a quick response to new domains and threatening activity from any IP space.

Added Protection Without a
Loss of Speed

Because Pegasus Web Security is looking only at Internet name resolution requests, no deep packet inspection is performed as part of this service. This layer of protection is DNS-based, so this layer will not cause delays in data transmission, throughput, or latency.