Managed IT Services for IT Departments

We’ll help you scale your IT to meet the needs of your business and improve efficiency.

Is your IT department challenged by the ever-increasing pace and hardening intensity of cybersecurity threats? We can help. The Managed IT Services and Security Solutions we deliver to our fully managed clients are available to you. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed 24/7/365 and stands ready to help protect the network you worked so hard to build. Let us assist where needed with things like Cloud Migration, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning, SNAP-Defense, Secure Passwords, Managed Remote Access, Cyber Security Audits, and VoIP Phone Service. Here are just some of the ways we help clients with internal IT departments today:

Case 1: Transportation company with over 1,000 employees and a staff of two full-time IT people need help with ensuring all computers are patched from the latest holes in Microsoft and Adobe software.

Case 2: Warehouse company with over 700 employees and one full-time IT Manager needs assurance that antivirus software is running, updating, and handling detected threats on all computers, whether they are desktops in the office or laptops at home.

Case 3:  School with over 800 students, 120 staff, and one full-time IT Lead needs monitoring and response when a computer has a predicted hardware failure. We also alert and automatically reset access points that go offline to maximize WiFi connectivity.

Case 4: Marketing company with over 25 employees, lots of custom software, and one programmer tasked with IT challenges needs ransomware-resistant onsite and offsite backups with regular test restores.

Case 5: Manufacturer who sells to DoD contractors has a robust, well-maintained network and qualified IT staff, but is concerned what happens if cybercriminals bypass security measures, so we monitor for suspicious activity like network enumeration and unusual traffic indicating spread, since more and more criminals are using typical IT tradecraft to drop payloads like ransomware.

Case 6: Law office with over six locations and one IT Director needs help with staff cybersecurity training, so we enforce interactive training standards for all employees and conduct monthly phishing drills with randomized emails to track who opened, clicked links, and exposed data to simulated phishing emails. We perform personalized training for staff that fail monthly assessments until they can consistently pass phishing simulation tests.

Case 7: Manufacturer selling customized parts to a customer concerned about intellectual property protection has us perform a semi-annual cybersecurity audit, to double-check their IT team’s work and help educate their IT Lead on the latest cybercriminal attack vectors.

We’re an outsourced managed IT firm with unprecedented security features that is tailored to meet any client’s needs. Schedule a consultation today!

“Pegasus has been extremely helpful with all of our technological needs. We had a disruption with our IT staffing, and Pegasus made sure we didn’t miss a beat.

Thank you!”

-Andy S Automotive Industry