Microsoft Excel Shortcuts You May Not Know Existed

Published January 02, 2018

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Microsoft Excel Shortcuts You May Not Know Existed

For over two decades, Microsoft Excel has been setting the standard in spreadsheet software technology.  It’s revolutionized the way the world organizes and processes data, and throughout its history, it continues to introduce new features and re-polish existing functionalities.

With nearly every update, a new set of keyboard shortcuts are introduced to speed up your work.  Even the most prolific users will learn something new by checking out this list:

For beginners, however, we’ll start with a few basic tab shortcuts:

  • Alt + N: Insert Tab
  • Alt + H: Home Tab
  • Alt + P: Page Layout Tab
  • Alt + A: Data Tab
  • Alt + W: View Tab
  • Alt + M: Formula tab

Now, let’s move on to more advanced shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + `: See all formulas within a worksheet at once ( ` is the symbol next to the 1 key)
  • Ctrl + Shift + 7: Draw a quick border around a cell or collection of cells
  • Ctrl + Shift + -: Remove border around cells ( – is the minus symbol)
  • Ctrl + Alt + V, E, Enter: Flip a column of data to a row
  • Ctrl + 1: Format any object in Excel
  • Ctrl + A: Directions to build any formula

Finally, these shortcuts allow you to quickly format numbers:

  • Ctrl + Shift + ~: General Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + ^: Scientific Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + $: Currency Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + @: Time Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + %: Percentage Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + !: Number Format
  • Ctrl + Shift + #: Date Format

To help your employees become more efficient with Excel, our Executive Team holds education seminars upon request.  To learn more about our courses, contact us online or reach out by phone at (610) 444-8256!

Curt Wrigley

Curt is the Technical Services Manager at Pegasus Technologies. Curt oversees our services, quality, and support and is in charge of training our technical team. When he's not hard at work improving our services, Curt enjoys playing the trumpet.