Wireless Redundant Internet

Pegasus has market-leading wireless redundant internet solutions

Most organizations today rely heavily on the cloud to conduct many vital functions of their business. Critical applications like payroll, email, and voice calling are being utilized via the cloud at an enormous rate.  Simply put, the more your company stores in the cloud, the more important it is to possess a wireless redundant internet connection.


Continue to stay connected even if you experience unexpected disruptions to your internet connection.

  • Continue to use your computers
  • Keep security systems activated
  • Load-balance your usage
  • Utilize your VoIP phone system
  • Automatically connect when your system experiences downtime
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Never get caught without connectivity!

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How Can Pegasus Wireless Redundant Internet Help You?

Consistent and constant connectivity ensures your business can access important data and files even if your internet is down. With our wireless redundant internet, you will never have to worry about missing an important email, phone call, or file because you will constantly stay connected. When your internet stops working due to a natural or personal disaster, your secondary network will automatically begin working behind the scenes to keep your business in working order.

Why Do You Need Wireless Redundant Internet?

Your business depends on the internet to function with any day-to-day activity. When your connection fails, how much downtime do you incur? One hour of downtime will cost 98% of organizations over $100,000! Pegasus will help you stay connected 99.99% of the time so you are always productive and able to continue business as usual.

Continuous Connection

As a business owner, you need your employees operating at a peak level, so when your internet goes down, it’s imperative to have a solid backup internet connection. At Pegasus Technologies, we provide the Broadband support that your company needs, and will keep your network running no matter what – all at a low cost.

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