Private and Hybrid Cloud

Private and Hybrid Cloud Services

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Pegasus Technologies understands that your business is always evolving and needs a cloud solution that mirrors your constant changes. Private and Hybrid cloud networks offer many options for businesses to choose from. We will help you make the best decision for your business by helping you understand the benefits to each cloud solution and then implementing your new cloud solution.

Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

  • A private cloud, or internal cloud, offers your business the ability to control every aspect of your network.
  • A public cloud is stored in a provider’s data center and the environment is their responsibility.
  • Both cloud options offer secure data that is never integrated with other businesses but the private cloud option offers an increased level of security because you control it.
  • The public cloud doesn’t need additional internal resources which will save you money and manpower.
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Hybrid Cloud – the Best of Both Worlds

Wouldn’t it be great if the private cloud and public cloud had a middle ground? Enter the hybrid cloud option. Many businesses opt for a hybrid option of public and private clouds because the benefits of both can be tailored to fit your business. Less-critical data can be stored in the public cloud and easily accessed by your employees while your sensitive data can be stored in your own self monitored private cloud. Some additional benefits of a hybrid cloud are:

Purpose driven

Choosing between your private and public cloud will depend on the type of data you wish to save. This allows your business to grow exponentially within the public cloud yet keep sensitive data safe in your private cloud.

Selective security

Ensure the files and data that are specifically sensitive are protected by your business and can only be accessed by those authorized.

Future proof

Growth is never an issue with the use of a public cloud and when you are a fast-changing company, this is important to insure continue growth.

Cost effective

Purchasing only what you need in your private cloud helps keep costs down as you are able to spread data into the public cloud.

Drive innovation

Using both clouds allows your employees to work from home, share documents, and become more efficient.

Which Cloud is Right for My Business?

Working with Pegasus Technologies as your cloud provider will allow you to make the easiest decision for your business. We’ll help you understand all cloud options and what your business can take advantage of. Whether you are looking to protect your data or offer a future proof growth path, we have the right cloud solution for you!

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