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Migrating to the Cloud is a large step for many businesses and Pegasus Technologies is ready to be your partner in change. We specialize in fully auditing your technology systems to decode what your business needs in a Cloud Computing System. As experts in Cloud Computing, we will analyze what features your business will benefit from and help you decide which Cloud system will work best for you. Once a choice is made, the migration of data and systems will be handled by our computer engineers with continued maintenance and consulting from our technology team.


Cloud Services

  • Cost-Effective: Capital investments of expensive data servers/centers are eliminated.
  • Customizable: Pay only for the computing resources you use.
  • Multi-Level Expertise: Your infrastructure is managed and secured by cutting-edge IT experts.
  • Efficiency: New applications and services are implemented within minutes, and disruptions from IT upgrades are eliminated.
  • Preparedness: Your IT framework is hosted in a state-of-the-art data center, so if a disaster should occur, you can access your data from anywhere at anytime.
8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Managed Services Provider

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Cloud Migrating Audit

Understanding what you need from a Cloud system is essential to choosing the right product for your business. With many different vendors offering a unique blend of technologies, Pegasus Technologies will analyze your current IT structure and help you come up with a successful Cloud Computing model specific to your business’ needs. We will analyze many different aspects of your network, such as:

  • Computing Power – Your business needs the proper amount of power to ensure successful computing and growth capabilities.
  • Storage – Understanding what your business needs for files and scalability is essential to picking the right Cloud model.
  • Pricing Models – With the help of Pegasus, we will ensure the best choice to save money and take advantage of the best system for your budget.
  • Support Plans – Pegasus will be available to help you along the way but if you need additional support, we can help you understand your new system as well as plan for your new vendor to be available to you day or night.
  • Integration – Additional integration in the future can be easy with the right product for your business.
  • Compliance – If your business relies on government regulations and compliance laws, different vendors specialize in keeping a business up to date on these important regulations.

Cloud Migration & Management Services

Where to Begin?

It’s critical to have an expert IT company in cloud management to assist with the migration of your critical data. We encourage any business thinking of making the cloud leap to consider some important factors.

What is the Current Network Status?

A comprehensive IT analysis should be completed addressing the following: servers, printers, data, applications, and more. Upgrades may be required for a seamless migration process.

Will There Be Testing & Training?

Applications need to be tested with a copy of your real data before the “go live” date. 

Let’s Talk about Your Cloud Project

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  • We will ask you about your business objectives and IT challenges
  • You’ll receive our best recommendations on steps to migrate to the Cloud