Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Protect your company data from threats

Outside forces that threaten your data could be devastating if you don’t have a data backup plan in place. Consider what can affect your data:

  • Natural disasters
  • Building maintenance
  • Hardware failure
  • Malware infections
  • Human error

Pegasus’ data backup services and disaster recovery planning secures your data, restores it if a disaster occurs, and makes a game plan for future disasters.

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Pegasus’ backup installation & data restoration solutions

Continuous Backup

Minimize the amount of data re-entry in the event of a loss by backing up your server throughout the day and night.

Encrypted Data

Ensure data transfer security by securing transfers with an encryption key before being saved on any storage device or moved off site.

Data Archive

Restore up to 6 months of backup archives instantly without waiting for downloads or deliveries.

Offsite Storage

Nightly backups, 365 days a year, backup and transfer your data without interrupting your internet access during working hours.

Instant Recovery

Restore files, folders, and other data in in minutes. If your server is inoperable, we can restore a virtual version on a standby server.

Disaster Recovery for Different Devices

Restore backup data to physical and virtual hardware, and we’ll replace any failed server hardware without interrupting your business.

Complete Disaster Recovery

Receive a standby server with your data backed up from your physical location(s) or the Cloud. Your servers will be up and running with the latest data saved before the disaster to reduce loss.

Professional Backup Monitoring

Ensure backups run according to schedule. If they don’t, we won’t charge for fixes. We’ll confirm your recovery plan works by testing your offsite data in a disaster simulation.

Investing in better data protection insures your business

Your company is completely dependent on your network servers. Those servers need to be backed up regularly or you risk data loss. And data loss can be very expensive for a small business. The average cost of downtime for small to medium sized businesses, from assets lost to recovery, ranges from $8,000 to $74,000.

36% of companies want robust data backup and disaster recovery solutions, but don’t prioritize the investment. They end up with low-grade solutions that don’t protect their business when things go wrong.

Pegasus Technologies moves to solve this problem by offering a more powerful, cost-effective Backup and Recovery Solution.

Our cutting edge backup solution and built-in protection features provide small businesses with peace of mind and better value than other backup solutions, such as:

  • External hard drives
  • Tapes or Discs
  • Consumer cloud backup

These types of backups are not monitored or tested like Pegasus’ BDR and present security risks. Unlike the traditional modes of data storage listed, we can ensure data protection because our BDR is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Let’s Talk about Your Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

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