Cloud Email Migration & Management for
Microsoft 365 & Other Providers

Cloud migration without data loss or security threat headaches

Email in the cloud gives your business more flexibility, better data security, and virtually unlimited storage. Whether you are considering moving to Microsoft 365 in the cloud or another provider, Pegasus cloud email migration experts make your email migration and management a simple, fast, and secure experience.


We assist with all aspects of email migration and management, including:

  • Choosing the right cloud email provider for you
  • Planning how your data will be migrated
  • Migrating to Microsoft 365 or another platform
  • Installing email security measures
  • Integrating the Exchange email system
  • Upgrading Outlook so it works with your cloud email
  • Automating installation, activation, & updates
  • Implementing cloud data backups
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Cloud email delivers an all-in-one, secure environment

Today’s business requires flexible email access whether you’re in the office, at a tradeshow, or at a client’s. Cloud email platforms deliver this flexibility and more. Cloud email platforms beat desktop email platforms because they offer:

  • Efficient email functions
  • Easy access on any device
  • More storage at a lower cost
  • Customizable features

Email Migration & Management Services

Advanced Cloud Backup

You’ll be able to backup and restore data across multiple platforms (Microsoft 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, etc.). The cloud email portal is protected with Military-Grade Encryption, so your information stays safe. The portal is user-friendly, and you’ll have access to it 99.99% of the time.

Cloud Email Security

Your inbound and outbound emails are safe with us. You’ll also have protection against viruses, spam, phishing, and email spoofing. At an additional cost, you can even encrypt your email automatically or manually.

Cloud Signature

You’ll be able to use standardized email signatures and legal notices across multiple devices and platforms, and they’re all compatible with Microsoft 365 and onsite Exchange. You can update all your signatures at the same time and create specific signatures for each job title in your department.

Let’s Talk about Your Cloud Email Migration Project

Schedule a 15 Minute IT Consultation

  • Take 15-30 minutes to talk to Pegasus about your email migration questions
  • We will ask you about your business objectives and IT challenges
  • You’ll receive our best recommendation on steps to work with your IT provider to move your email migration forward