Committed to Caring

Published February 27, 2019

Matthew Tucker, CEO, Pegasus Technologies

Committed to Caring

As we head into a New Year it marks my third year as a Board Member for The Chester County Food Bank. During the past two years on the board, I have worked with the staff on many occasions. Whether a presentation to the board, interacting at an event or just casual conversation around the office, they are nothing short of amazing.  The Chester County Food Bank staff’s dedication, energy, and selflessness is seen and heard in all they do.

I could spend days sharing examples of their devotion, but I would like to share something new and extremely exciting: the FRESHstart Kitchen Program.

Through the FRESHstart Kitchen Program, students acquire workforce skills in a food-service setting. The duration of the program allows for a comprehensive approach to alleviating the struggle of economic poverty.  The FRESHstart Kitchen Program emphasizes building stability by using a self-empowerment framework along with case management. The tools for success lie within each individual. The development of life and career skills gives each participant an opportunity to gain employment and become a participating member in their community.

Matthew Tucker

As CEO of Pegasus Technologies, LLC, Matthew Tucker brings a rare combination of leadership attributes, technical expertise, and experience in the Information Technology industry. Matthew Tucker is responsible for the annual operating business plan as well as strategic direction. His strong commitment to the company’s growth is evident in his personal involvement with developing the current management team, as well as building the future leadership. Matthew Tucker works closely with the Executive staff to develop and monitor policies and procedures for ensuring the growth and stability of the company. Matthew Tucker’s passion for the company and staff is reflected in his continued efforts to ensure the company culture reflects its key values: personal growth, available management, and recognition of accomplishments.