Our Team

We’ve Built a Talented Team of People With Personalities We Like Working With

Then we match their personalities to yours to create a team you love

Leadership Team

Matthew Tucker


Erik Gudmundson

VP of Business Development

Christine Smith

Central Dispatch Manager

Curt Wrigley

Technical Services Manager

Stephen Biasotto

Technical Operations Manager

Nathanael Walker

Technical Account Manager

Stacey Toledo

Client Services Administrator

Technician Team

Thomas Quick

Systems Administrator

John Buglio

Systems Administrator

Dean Claypool

Systems Administrator

Jason Daugherty

Systems Administrator

Richard Buergerhoff

Systems Administrator

Tyler Howard

Systems Administrator

Dale Hodges

Systems Administrator

Marc Wienner

Systems Administrator

Michael Cassidy

Systems Administrator

Rainey Winters

Systems Adminstrator

Dispatch Team

Paige Conley

Central Dispatcher

Sales and Marketing Team

HR and Accounting Team

Client Services Team

Barbara Bolton

Sales and Marketing

Debbie Conley

HR / Accounting

Nate Ferry

Junior Technical Account Manager