4 Reasons to Look for Information Technology Solutions Externally

Published August 15, 2016

4 Reasons to Look for Information Technology Solutions Externally

4 Reasons to Look for Information Technology Solutions Externally

Information technology solutions are a necessary element of almost every business. IT experts help safeguard your data and update your software. They also keep your systems up and running and perform other mission-critical functions.

These actions are essential to corporate growth and sustainability. Yet, keeping up with daily updates, installations, integrations, and more can be costly. It can also be a time-consuming process for your in-house IT team.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the benefits of an external information technology provider.

1. Widespread Knowledge

Depending on your business, your information technology solutions could be wide and varied. For instance, you might need data management and teleconferencing system installation. You might also need process improvement strategies — all within the same department.

Placing these responsibilities on one or two internal IT experts can create an almost unbearable workload. On the other hand, an external provider will have a pool of IT experts with various skills and backgrounds ready to tackle any challenge you have.

Also, an external provider is an excellent choice if your business is located in a region that lacks critical IT resources. If this is the case, you might not have access to the type of skills, experience, and expertise your solutions need.

As the digital age progresses, the role of the IT manager is morphing. It is now centered heavily on of strategic demand creation. This requires IT staff to become forward-thinking rather than reactive. Now, they must anticipate new technologies, such as robotics, and how they can benefit an organization. An IT support company can take your staff in that direction, as they’re already looking and planning ahead.

2. Access to Smarter Tools

It’s no secret that outdated systems and processes can lead to wasted time. They also create inefficiencies, slow task turnover, and low morale.

They can also cost you valuable business. A study by Microsoft found that 90% of consumers would take their business somewhere else rather than work with a company that used outdated technology. Also, the study revealed that even if a company operates an operating system just five years old, 61% of consumers consider it outdated.

If your tools aren’t doing the job anymore, it might be time for an upgrade. You might have realized that taking that next step can be challenging. It’s unfortunately not as easy as simply switching the old for the new.

Investing in entirely new information technology solutions can be expensive and cumbersome. Time must be allotted for IT training. Old systems must be wiped clean and removed. Then, when you’re finally ready to deploy, you’re still not in the clear. There’s no guarantee the chosen systems will provide the efficiencies and improvements you need.

An outside IT provider partners with industry experts to research and test the best tools for each job. Then, you can rest assured that yours are top-of-the-line and reputable. Your provider can also recommend different IT tools for different sectors of your organization. This helps each team work to its full capacity.

3. Quicker Uptimes

Hiring an IT support expert means your internal efforts are more dedicated to critical tasks at hand. Now, employees (especially those in the C-suite) are relieved of complicated and complex deployments.

Software integrations and hardware installations are better planned and managed. This reduces the risk for error or rework, and gets your teams up and running more quickly. As a result, you’ll save valuable training time and reduce your risk of extensive downtime.

Consider the following: The cost of downtime per hour doesn’t just equal lost profit. It also includes considerations such as lost employee productivity, lost sales revenues, and hits to brand reputation. You should also factor in impacts on Service Level Agreements (SLAs), costs to restore the systems, and more.

Working with reliable systems and IT experts can help your company avoid these obstacles and expenses. These professionals are trained to steer your organization efficiently.

Your external IT support manager can assess your internal procedures and templates. He or she can then design information technology solutions that will fit with your existing operations. As a result, the planning phase shortens, implementation is smoother, the transition is easier, and your sanity is saved.

4. Long-Term Cost Savings

An external consultant might cost a little more per hour initially. Yet, you can realize incredible cost savings by utilizing the expertise on an as-needed basis.

By opting to not hire full-time, in-house IT support staff, you’ll save on salaries, benefits, taxes, and more. You’ll also avoid the complex and expensive process of halting work to interview and screen potential candidates.

Research shows that the average cost of onboarding an employee is $4,129. Also, it takes around 42 days to fill an open position. Does your company have the time and resources to devote to that undertaking?

In the world of IT, the answer is most often “no.” IT demands are often pressing, highly critical, and extremely time-sensitive. Waiting more than a month to find the right fit? That could cause long-term infrastructure damage.

An external IT provider can start right away, saving you both time and money.

Working with innovative systems designed to optimize your organization is also a cost-saver. The solutions are less likely to break down and less costly to fix. They’re also typically more energy-efficient. Over time, this saves you money in a variety of areas.

Information Technology Solutions: Expertise You Can Trust

We know you’re busy — and that’s a good thing. If you’re interested in handing over your IT reins to a knowledgeable and trusted provider, we’d love to help lighten your load.

We’re a managed IT services provider providing the experience and expertise you need. We offer a variety of IT solutions from technical account managers to technical consultants and help desk support. We’ll even match an IT provider to your company based on personality fit.

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